A couple of decades ago, I used to take my bike down to the beach and ride along the boardwalk. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed myself immensely. One weekend, there was a little "fair" and people were selling their crafts and fun little things. Among the items being sold were pinwheel headbands. I bought one. I got looks and smiles as I rode my bike and the breeze turned the pinwheels. It's a fond memory.

I have no idea what happened to those pinwheel headbands and it was years before I saw them again. I saw them in a catalog and I just had to have them. I bought a dozen (the only way they were sold).

Every year, around my birthday, we go to Disneyland. A couple of years ago, we were joined by some people I had met online. And for the occasion, I brought along pinwheel headbands. Now, I didn't know if these women would wear them, but I took the chance that they would. And they did. We had a great time. There were four of us wearing them and people smiled and laughed and children clapped their hands in glee to see the pinwheels spinning. It was so much fun. Even the "cast members" at Disneyland asked where we had gotten them.

While waiting in line at Roger Rabbit's CarToon Spin, we discussed the possibility of not having to share a car. We went two to a car in the Orbitron and it was a very tight fit. We didn't relish the idea of having to be pried out by firemen. Those cars at Roger Rabbit didn't look much larger. One of us, Susan, said "Yeah, but how will they know we're together?" The first pinwheel moment. Big duh, Susan, have you noticed we're the only people in Disneyland wearing these headbands and we're all together in line?

Well, for our trip this year, I thought matching shirts would be fun. The design you see on the front page of this site is on the front of the shirt and the comment is on the back. The shirts are white. This year, we had more than just four wearing pinwheels, we had seven. All seven with matching white teeshirts and pinwheel headbands. It was great!! We were a group and people knew it. At one point, when one member of the group was by herself, someone told her where the rest of us were.

And once again, we were asked over and over where the pinwheels came from. One "cast member" asked and I told her. She said she would like to order some of the pinwheels. Her co-worker said "you should get the shirts, too". And that is why I decided to sell them online.

Each shirt comes with one set of headbands. For an additional three dollars ($3.00) you can have the original pinwheel moment quote or you can have your own little saying on the back, three lines of 24 spaces each (that includes both characters and spaces).

When you get your shirts, be sure to take a picture of your group and send it to me and I'll post it here.

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